Hoang Chi at home in Northern California.2016

Hoang Chi at home in Northern California.2016

As a writer, I love sharing stories and lessons I’ve learned from my life – from my experience as a refugee, to minimalism and eco-conscious living – in order to help you make the most of your beautiful life.

While I love the life I’m living, I don't consider myself as having had a charmed life, as I've had my share of challenges in career, finances, and family, and I’ve experienced many heartaches along the way.  I am your textbook example, that embodies the typical refugee story, of those who came to America to seek freedom and a way of life to provide for themselves and their families.  

In the spring of 1975, with the fall of Vietnam, everything changed.  My family and I were forced to flee for our lives, leaving nearly everything we owned and everyone we’d known behind, as we became refugees.  Though we were lucky to survive, the path before us - from the refugee camp at Camp Pendleton to finding sponsors for our family of nine, to becoming acclimated to life in America - was far from easy. Learn more about my memoir TigerFish and new children's book No Ordinary Sue.

From these early experiences in my life and the life I’ve built with my husband of thirty-three years – from saving tips to pay for our wedding, to traveling the world with our children, to saving for college and retirement – I’ve learned to consciously make choices to build a life that aligns with my goals and honors what matters most to me.

There’s so much more to life than the “stuff” that often consumes us. There are so many moments to enjoy, so many experiences to treasure. Here are my blogs and takeaways on Minimalism

In sharing my story, my ultimate message is of compassion, love, and understanding through learning what it means to be a refugee. In sharing lessons from my own life, I hope to support you in making the most of each day and building a life that truly honors what matters most to you.

No Ordinary Sue
By Hoang Chi Truong

Equally important, I'd like to begin a conversation, opening the doors to kindness and understanding, as we explore topics such as mindful living, minimalism, meaningful travel, and the refugee experience.  I welcome you to share your stories, challenges, successes, and what you're working to achieve, so that we can strengthen this community's resources and support one another.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to sharing our extraordinary adventures together!

With warmest regards, Hoang Chi Truong