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No time? Here are 5 Quick and Easy Tips For Beginning Minimalists

No time? Here are 5 Quick and Easy Tips For Beginning Minimalists

There is no BAD TIME to start MINIMALISM!

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I know Minimalism is an overused word so let's just think of this practice as having Life's Essential Only so we can focus on what counts in our lives like having more free time, more money, no waste, and better relationships with ourselves and others. I can thank Minimalism for reaching my goal of publishing my memoir TigerFish successfully and live my dream lifestyle of an author. What is your dream lifestyle or your life's goals? Do you want to make a change in your lifestyle? Here's a place to start:  

Let's think of the 5 Basic B's for easy math and memory:

Buying Freeze!

Practice Buying Freeze one day at a time. If you must do it, buy consciously and buy once as to not replacing them because you'll save money, time, and resources. Plus you'll set excellent examples for others around you. See articles about conscious consumption below. 


Rent, go to Thriftshops, trade, or barter! You'll spend less and nothing to store or clutter.


Buy Well, Once! 

Bag it!

Bag to toss or recycle no-longer used items. See a list of reputable charities in your area here https://www.charitynavigator.org

  •     Outgrown or items in disrepair: Purge the easier items first like old clothes, shoes, magazines, toys (no difficult or sentimental items like photos and heirloom)
  •     Seasonal items (Summer or Winter Clothes & Holiday items)
  •     Expired items: Medication (proper disposal to protect your privacy, accidental ingestions by pets and children, and keeping the waterways free of chemicals); canned or boxed foods; cosmetics (See a list here of how long to keep these products)
  •     Minimalist Tips for parents:


Basic Inventory!

  •     Keep it simple and purge often
  •     Let family & friends know your desire to keep material goods to a minimum. Politely ask for only experience gifts, perishable homemade, or gift of time, and natural fibers-no plastic or disposable items whenever possible
  •     Ask adult kids to take their belongings with them with a generous timeframe and stay firm. Don’t ask them to take ours.
  •     Ask domestic partner to purge his/her belongings with a generous timeframe and stay firm as things will get donated
  •     Set good example and be an excellent role model

Here's a blog with 10 Super Easy Tips & Hacks to become a Minimalist in one week

Sign up for 30-Day Minimalist Challenge

Sign up for 30-Day Minimalist Challenge

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