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Outdoors Resources

Outdoors Resources

Dog Friendly Beaches

Walking our dog on the Sacramento River Bike Trail. www.chibeingchi.com

Our Australian Shepard, Bobbie. 12 yeas old. 2016. www.chibeingchi.com

Bike Trails

Sacramento River Trail to Old Sacramento, California. 2015. www.chibeingchi.com

Bike Trail near Seaside, California. 2014. www.chibeingchi.com

Hiking Trails

Trails http://www.alltrails.com

Total: 6.7 miles and 2162 feet elevation gain from the bottom of Mist Trail to the top of Nevada Fall. Yosemite, California. 2016. www.chibeingchi.com

Half Dome in the background. Yosemite. 2016.www.chibeingchi.com


Top of Berryessa Lake.  Napa County. California. 2015. www.chibeingchi.com

Quarry Trail. Auburn, CA. 2015. www.chibeingchi.com


Sea Kayaking in Santa Cruz. California.  http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/visiting/santa-cruz-wharf

Lake Natoma at Negro Bar. Sacramento, California. 2016. www.chibeingchi.com

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