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Guest Interview with Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Eco Blogger & Zero Waste Enthusiast 

Guest Interview with Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Eco Blogger & Zero Waste Enthusiast 

Guest Interview With Tiny Yellow Bungalow

It is my honor to introduce Jessie Stokes of the Tiny Yellow Bungalow, who I've had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with in 2016, when I started to practice and blog about Minimalism. Not only she is a sustainable lifestyle practitioner who inspires and encourages her readers with tips and information on their Eco and Zero-Waste journey, she's also a lovely person, and a soon-to-be momma, sharing her thoughts on how she's planning to continue practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle with a newborn. Congratulations Jessie!

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Jessie Stokes is the founder and owner of the Tiny Yellow Bungalow eco blog and online shop. She started her journey towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle while living in Houston, Texas in a tiny yellow bungalow, hence the name of her blog. Her little house was accompanied by a small plot of garden space in the backyard, a first for Jessie who was accustomed to apartment living. This is where she began her experiments in sustainability through growing her own produce in her small garden and learning to compost. Over the past three years, she has continued to learn about eco-living and shares her personal stories on her blog regularly. She now operates an online zero waste shop through her website, Tiny Yellow Bungalow, to provide easy access to eco-friendly and plastic free products to customers across the country and around the world. 

Jessie, How and what got you started in eco blogging?

I started blogging about my eco-conscious lifestyle about three years ago. The idea really came about from my gardening endeavors in my tiny backyard. I am an avid reader and found myself scouring blogs online about gardening, sustainability, and natural living. I decided to document my own journey, because I thought other novice eco enthusiasts might enjoy learning along with me. 

What are your best tips for beginners interested in starting a journey towards eco-living?

bamboo toothbrush.jpg

Start small making simple eco swaps in the beginning rather than overwhelming yourself with some of the more intense eco changes. I think the easiest changes you can make are bringing reusables. Keep a few reusable grocery bags, a reusable water bottle, and a travel coffee mug in your car to make it easier to remember! Gradually start replacing your conventional household products with eco-friendly and plastic free alternatives as you use them up. You could consider purchasing a bamboo toothbrush or start using bar soaps rather than liquid soap in plastic bottles.  

What are the toughest things to overcome in this field so far?

I think the hardest thing for me in the eco blogging field has been writing for my particular niche. I specialize in not just eco-living but more specifically the zero waste and plant based lifestyles. I’ve learned readers can be quite critical if things are not zero waste “enough.” It’s important for me to take a step back sometimes from writing and remember that we all have the same goal in mind: doing kind things for the planet. Every little change helps, and I do my best to provide uplifting and encouraging support for others no matter how far along they are on their sustainable journey. 

How do you find your readers and interact with them?

I interact with my readers predominately through social media. Instagram is my favorite social media platform and where I have the most engaged audience. I really enjoy the eco Instagram community. I am constantly learning new things from other Insta account holders, and always feel encouraged in my own journey by seeing others working hard for the planet! 

What are some of the most satisfying experiences in your work? 

I really love connecting with beginner eco enthusiasts through my blog. I think the idea of going zero waste or leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle can seem overwhelming at first. I enjoy supporting others in their journey and helping them find the best eco solutions that I’ve already tested myself. My passion for helping others lead a more eco life was really the catalyst for starting my online zero waste shop. I struggled with finding eco-friendly and plastic free products on my own in the beginning. I wanted to create a one stop shop that made sustainable living so simple there was no excuse not to try it!

Which bloggers do you subscribe to and whom do you recommend?

So many! Really there are a lot of talented writers out there leading the path in eco-living. I definitely recommend checking out the Zero Waste Bloggers Network for zero waste specific bloggers. Over the past few months, I’ve focused mostly on learning from not just eco bloggers but eco mom bloggers since my husband and I are expecting our first child in a few short weeks. In particular, these three eco mom blogs are my favorite: Naturally Modern Life, Meredith Tested, and Not Made in China Challenge.  I’ve found their blogs and Instagram accounts extremely useful while trying to learn the ins and outs of eco-living as it pertains to parenthood. 

How have you been preparing for the arrival of your baby boy to stay with your current practice?

I’ve spent the past few months researching all the best products and practices to keep things as eco-friendly as possible for when our little guy arrives. I do think following the zero waste lifestyle will be a bit more challenging but I’m excited to experiment and learn. We’ve decided first on our eco baby agenda will be cloth diapers! I have been slowly acquiring a stash of cloth diapers to use on our baby after receiving loads of information from readers on the best cloth diapering practices and products. The eco Instagram community has been crucial in my education of all things sustainable and natural for baby boy. I’m so thankful for the advice and wisdom provided by my Insta friends and followers and looking forward to this new adventure!


If you’re interested in learning more about my experiments in eco-conscious living and the zero waste lifestyle, please feel free to head over to my blog and online shop, Tiny Yellow Bungalow. I’d also be so happy to connect via social media, you can find me here:

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