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Easy, Quick & Tested DIY Wholesome Car's Pine Tree to Make

Easy, Quick & Tested DIY Wholesome Car's Pine Tree to Make

Raise your hand if you don't want to breath toxic and harmful chemicals on these pine tree car fresheners!

I thought so. Me neither! Unless you have a brand new car, eventually it will start to have a stale "smell". Why not make some super, and I mean, super easy, and wholesome air freshener that you can use not just in your car but anywhere, think closets, bathrooms, under your pillows, in your dryer, or in your office. You get the idea right?

Not only that, you can make these in any cute shape your sweet little heart desires. How about a teddy bear shape for your baby's room scented with warm cinnamon, a pink heart with rose in the closet, or a four leaf clover with peppermint in the bathroom? You can experiment with the shapes and scents, mix and match.

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Here's my first try and making these scented car fresheners, and it couldn't be more fun, rewarding, quick, inexpensive, and super effective.  You only need 4 items to make this DIY.


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1. 100% Wool Felt (1 sheet of 8.5" x 11" makes 3 pine trees) Grab the pattern by signing up here

2. Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oil

3. Green Embroidery Thread

4. Embroidery Needles


  1. Print pattern from the downloadable PDF
  2. Trace pattern with a dark pen or pin pattern on to wool felt
  3. Cut patterns
  4. Use 2 pieces to make 1 tree
  5. Stuff tree lightly with leftover scraps of wool
  6. Sew the pieces together
  7. Cut a piece of floss for hanger (full strand for thickness, or use any string of your choice)
  8. Sew the hanger at the top of the tree. Knot the end of thread securely.
  9. Apply lavender and peppermint (2 portions of lavender to 1 of peppermint) liberally on the tree, since the scent will dissipate in the car or room

Hang this lovely air freshener in your car, preferably somewhere near the steering column, and watch what it does for your breathing. I was astonished on my 3-hour drive yesterday of how the peppermint cleared up my sinus and kept me well awake. Try it and you'll never go back to those commercial pine trees or dryer sheets again. They are both toxic by the way.

See how easy this DIY is to make. Besides getting the wool felt and essential oil, it took a few minutes to print the pattern, cut it, sew and use! This took under 30 minutes to make one, once the supplies are purchased. 

One 8.5" x 11" pattern makes 3 pine trees. Have fun and play with different scents if you have a supply of essential oils. I highly recommend adding the peppermint as it will keep you refreshed and the car smelling great.

Have I missed anything that would improve this DIY? Do you have anything you would like to add or share? I'd love to hear your thought and feedback on this "recipe".

Happy Holidays!

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