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Hoang Chi Truong. Author  

Hoang Chi Truong. Author


Are you interested in learning more about the refugee experience, minimalism, eco-conscious, or mindful lifestyle?

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Hello and welcome, I'm happy you've chosen to be here and I'm continuously working on adding content to enrich your experience and support you on your journey. 

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Why CHI BEING CHI for a website's name?  

My name is Chi so this is me being myself, pursuing the passion I have of sharing my stories and some lessons learned to achieve the lifestyle we have today. We eat out of the garden, my husband cures, cans, and pickles everything he can get his hands on when he's not fishing, hunting, or sourcing grapes and making wines for a living.  Chi also means life energy and life force in Asian philosophy and I'm focusing on strengthening my "Chi" to the fullest!

About Chi Being Chi My mission is to advocate and bring awareness to the issues of refugees in America, by using my personal narrative as a teenage refugee from Vietnam in 1975, in my autobiographical novel, TigerFish. I also strive to be a minimalist, practicing mindful living and staying within our means, to achieve financial freedom in order to pursue our life's passions. 

Book-TigerFish  One of my lifelong goals has been to share my journey to America as a refugee.  In writing my story, I share vignettes of my childhood in Vietnam, family struggles, losses, and heartaches, as we made our way to America while I was coming of age. My autobiographical novel chronicles my upbringing, our diaspora, and my acculturation process and duality between home life and school life, between Eastern and Western cultures, and between Confucianism and Western modernity. 

Minimalist Blogs I provide inspirations and tips for a mindful and minimalist lifestyle that will give us freedom to pursue our passions.