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What are Vision Boards and how to live out your dreams

What are Vision Boards and how to live out your dreams

What a great time to create some Vision Boards to start living out your dreams.  Obviously, you could make them anytime and successfully realize your goals with perseverance, but you have to admit, there is something very exciting about starting anew at the beginning of the year and tracking your progress.  It’s a brand spanking new 2017, a new you, a more focused you, who know what you want out of life, so let’s get started with my sample printable Vision Board templates, one for your Life's Goals and one for Minimalism, so you can tailor them to fit your needs.  

Vision Boards are visual aids to help you define, track, and obtain your annual goals for either a desired general sense of well being in each area of your life, like being grateful and non-judgmental, or desired physical items like a house and actionable steps to achieve it (if you wish to go into this level of details). Take time and make it enjoyable. Draw, use pictures from magazines, and make notes for yourself. (Personally, I like to use the S.M.A.R. T. goals setting strategy while creating the boards to stay on track. See bottom of this post and use this poster for reference.)  

Vision Board

In my mind’s eyes, I can still see the cut out magazine picture of a farm house on my refrigerator. It was there as a constant reminder for us to save money for a house when we first moved to a bucolic farm town in California, where real estates prices were at a premium and way out of our price range. This picture sometimes gave me acute pain as I thought it was out of my financial reach and not an obtainable goal. However, after a few years, and many months of saving money instead of spending it on wants versus needs, we had enough of a minimum down payment for our cute little English cottage in the country. As such, I can personally attest to the power of Visual Boards, albeit, a small one in this case.  I’ve also used one for my college education and career post college, but you can make an annual board for all aspects of your life which you’d like to focus on, or one board for each area. For example, create one for family, one for career, and one for business.

Minimalism Vision Board

Additionally, make a board for your Minimalism lifestyle. Cut out pictures of how you’d like your home to look as an end goal, or make one digitally. Use my Minimalism Visual Board Template to start your boards, or as an idea. Have fun with these and model your home to the minimalist homes that you admire and would like to achieve by year’s end, or any other timeline.

It’s very important to place the finished Vision Boards where you and your family can see daily to stay on track together, or have one at your office for your career reminder. Put the dates on the boards and make small changes as you see what works well and what doesn't. 

You can use my Vision Boards printables by clicking on the links below. 

Personal Vision Board Template

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Alternatively, you can use Science Project Board, Bulletin board, or a picture frame with cork or dry erase background that you can pin or tape post-it notes and pictures for display, using the sample categories I've provided in the templates. Feel free to adjust the goals and dreams to fit your annual goals and dreams.

I’d love to hear about your experience with making and using your Vision Boards and how it worked out for you. Is there anything you would add to this article to help others realizing their dreams and goals? Please kindly share your thoughts with us here.  Thank you.

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Poster
S:  Specific
M:  Measurable
A:  Attainable
R:  Realistic and Result-Oriented
T:   Time Bound
Printables: 2017 Life's Vision Board Template, and 2017 Minimalism Vision Board Template

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