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New to Writing and Self-Publishing? Swipe Ten Epic Indie Author Tips from my Successful Book Launch

New to Writing and Self-Publishing? Swipe Ten Epic Indie Author Tips from my Successful Book Launch

I started blogging and working on publishing my book in July of 2016 with zero followers.


Nine months later, at my TigerFish Book Launch on Amazon at the end of April 2017, I had a combined number of 1551 followers on my blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. In its first week, I sold 522 copies, and a whopping 4,685 pages read on Kindle Unlimited (KU) and Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL). How did I do it? It helps that I had eleven 5-stars reviews in Amazon Paperbacks, six 5-stars reviews in Kindle, and six 5-stars reviews on GoodReads.

In that first week, I also landed a scheduled a book reading on June 3rd, at 11 AM to noon, at a local bookstore, The BluMoon Books and Media; my book is cataloged for circulation at the local Sacramento Central Library and scored an honored place in the coveted for the Sacramento Area Authors Collection (SAA). I’m in conversations to do a Book Talk at a Fresno high school and in contact with one of the California State University Anthropology Departments for an event next Fall. At the time of this blog, I am running a three paperback giveaway on GoodReads with 456 requestors with 5 hours remaining.

How did I do it?

These are my top ten tips and lessons learned: 

1. Create a Social Media and blog following as soon as you start writing the book but not selling it. Find a passion that you want to share with your target audience to establish your presence and gain trust. Mine is on Minimalism and Eco-conscious lifestyle.  If you wait until you finished the book to do the promotion, it's an uphill battle to gain followers when they don't know anything about you.
2. Use ThunderClap campaign to promote your book. See the sharp increase on Kindle on April 29th when the campaign took place.
3. Recruit a Book Launch Team who will support you by reading and reviewing your book. They are your Advanced Readers and your most powerful resources for a successful book launch.
4. Thank the people who helped you along the way and give them professional credit when they do a good job, and vow never to make the same mistake of hiring the "swindlers" or "high-maintenance" consultants who give you more heartburn and work than helping you.
5. Launch a Free Kindle Giveaway, so more people will have access to the book and raise awareness. More readers equal more reviews and buzz because friends and families recommend good reads and deals with their friends and families.
6. Launch a Goodreads Giveaways to generate buzz and readerships
7. Talk to local independent bookstores to carry your books and sponsor author events
8. Throw an epic Book Launch Party with family, friends, and neighbors as they will be your best and most loyal supporters and promoters. Launch a few Facebook Live sessions leading up to the final Book Launch Book Reading. See below videos.
9. Make bookmarks for giveaways, swags, and for pre-orders thank you gifts
10. Write an epic book and be sure to recruit beta readers, advanced readers, and proofers so the book is the best it can be going out the gate. People do judge the book by the cover and how well it's formatted-- Hire the right designers for these jobs is imperative.

Facebook Live one of three

Leading up to the Book Launch

Facebook Live two of three

Leading up to the Facebook LiveBook Launch

Facebook Live Book Launch Reading

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Brutally Honest - An Indie Author's Tips and Lessons Learned for Success!

Brutally Honest - An Indie Author's Tips and Lessons Learned for Success!